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Classic Star Wars toys
James Bond
GI Joe
Lord of the Rings
Episode 1
Star Wars model kits
Vintage Star Wars
Star Wars Attakus
Movie posters
Classic Star Wars items
Sideshow Toy
Master Replicas
Episode 2 Hasbro AOTC
Episode 2 Standups
Star Wars Gentle Giant
Episode 2 Rawcliffe
Rubies Lifesize Yoda
Rubies Star Wars helmets
Star Trek
Planet of the apes
2003 Hasbro Star Wars
Episode 2 movie posters
2004 Hasbro Star Wars
Code 3 collectibles
Toy Presidents
Battlestar Galactica
Revenge of the Sith
Vintage arcade games
2006-07 Star Wars toys
Darth Vader Mannequin
Indiana Jones
Back to the Future
Clone Wars
Hasbro fx lightsabers
Gigers Alien Statue
Rubies Star Wars costumes
EFX collectibles
Underground toys
Force Awakens


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About Us

The Collectors Gallery, founded by Curt Holman, is your one-stop shop for Star Wars collectibles and other movie themed items.  It was started by me in 1987 out of Rho Chapter of Sigma Nu fraternity at the University of Missouri while i was a pledge there and out of the back of Starlog magazine on ads i ran off and on until about 1991. I also advertised in the back of Lucasfilm Fan Club magazine. I was selling off duplicates of my collection at that time. I then put together a small catalog and offered items for sale. Starting in 1993, i went into some of the other mainstream magazines including Sci-Fi Universe, Science Fiction Age, and Toy Shop. I didn't start ordering direct from the liscenses until 1993. My website made it's debut in 1997. With the capacity the internet offers, I have increased my inventory of Star Wars collectibles to a wider market at a very reasonable rate. I offer the lowest prices possible on my new inventory. I had a article done on me in the May 2005 issue of the Wall Street journal online. I was the main supplier of props and Star Wars collectibles on the movie Fanboys coming out in 2009. Some of my Master Replicas Star Wars props and vintage Star Wars toys were used in the film. I have a credit in the film and i am on the dvd making of documentary. I also had a starring role in the theater scene sitting next to the entire cast at the end of the film. As the pioneering retailer of Star Wars collectibles i encourage all Star Wars collectors to visit the site. I am branching into other areas of movie collectibles that include comic, tv and movie themes as well as other great toy lines.

May the force be with you.     Curt Holman   

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David Prowse (the real Darth Vader) and me.


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