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Talking Presidents Donald Rumsfeld 12 inch action figure doll
Talking Presidents Donald Rumsfeld 12 inch action figure doll
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $29.95
    Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
    IN STOCK. Mint in box. Below are only a few of the 28 different phrases that the Donald Rumsfeld Action figure says when you press his button. Batteries Included "I believe what I said yesterday..." "Oh, it was your rhetoric that made us do it." "The only choice one has is to proceed." "...standing around with your finger in your ear." " not a question I can answer." Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfelds political, military and private sector careers are impressive. Just a few of the jobs he has held include: Representative, aviator, cabinet member, Counselor to the President, Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity, Chairman of a pharmaceutical company, Chief Executive of the Pharmaceutical Industry, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the General Instrument Corporation, an active member of various government Defense and Trade committees and other high-profile positions-all of which were impressive and important. None of them quite prepared him for his current position as Secretary of Defense. A true patriot, Donald (Rummy) Rumsfeld is tight-lipped and reluctant to let the press know exactly what is going on behind closed White House doors for secrecys sake and the safety of our military. This has caused some consternation among the media that thrive on leaks, speculation, and insider information - none of which Mr. Rumsfeld will provide. Whenever he does speak he reveals only the details he desires and nothing more. His tendency to double-speak has become a source of humor to the press and politic detractors. Although he may disagree with the President and members of the Presidents cabinet on certain areas of defense and security, he has shown himself to be a trusted and loyal friend to the Presidency and to the people of the United States, always placing their welfare first. The Talking Donald Rummy Rumsfeld Action Figure from Talking Presidents is resplendent in a red-white and blue box that features a clear front display panel for viewing the Rumsfeld figure within. It includes full color photos, biographical text and a speech by Rumsfeld to American Veterans. Press his button to listen to 28 different phrases. I believe what I said yesterday. I dont know what I said. But I know what I think. I assume thats what I said. Rummy is dressed in a black pin-stripped suit with white shirt, yellow tie and black shoes. The articulated figure stands on a special Department of Defense display base. The figures features duplicate Rumsfelds stoic, determined look, his gray hair and even comes with a set of glasses

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