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Star Wars action figure display diorama
Star Wars action figure display diorama
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: SWAFD
    Price: $149.95
    Shipping Weight: 16.00 pounds
    IN STOCK. A blast from the past, the Pride Displays Star Wars Action Figure Diorama infuses 1970s sensibilities into a limited edition product straight from the 21st Century. The UK-based company worked with sculptors with a firm understanding of the classic Kenner and Palitoy action figure playsets and recreated their style of toy in a new display stand designed with the adult collector in mind. Each display is based on original Star Wars playsets and includes 50 clear action figure stands that are sized to work with both classic (1978-1985) and modern (1995-present) Star Wars action figures. Packaged in a special box that looks right out of the 1970s, collectors will find the packaging to be just as staggeringly retro as the display stand within. Roughly 60% of the set is the Tatooine Desert, based on the old "Land of the Jawas" playset-there's a Krayt Dragon skeleton, a cave for R2-D2, and a number of places to place figures. The remaining portion recreates an environment similar to the "Creature Cantina," complete with a bar with a sticker providing additional detail. To give the display additional flavor, the designers included a reversible backdrop to show a classic image of the Death Star dogfight on one side, with images of Jawas scavenging across the Tatooine desert on the other. The entire display sits atop another black display stand, with the original Star Wars logo and the all-too familiar "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…" text. With the Pride Displays Star Wars Display Stand, you can showcase your action figures in style. 50 clear plastic stands, a wonderful backdrop, and the finest attention to classic packaging detail seen on a Star Wars collectible since 1985, this 24- by 10- by 14-inch display is sure to please fans of the old Kenner toys as well as the modern Hasbro figures.

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